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Solar PV Installation and Maintenance

Aissac Electrical and Solar are Solar PV installation, maintenance and repair specialists, for more details see below:



We are now back to being part of the Microgeneration Scheme (MCS) meaning we can again certify your PV installation.  There will be more details on this on our new website which is currently under development.

It has come to our attention that our Solar PV customers have been receiving letters from a third party  suggesting they need a “Health Check” and that “your warranty may be due to expire”.  This is rubbish!  If you have any concerns at all regarding your solar PV installation or the warranties then please do not hesitate to:

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  • Solar Photovoltaics (PV) is the conversion of light into electricity.  It is dependent on daylight, not sunlight and we have more daylight per year in Scotland than in the south of England.
  • Only wind turbines, hydroelectric and solar PV generate electricity. All other renewables including solar thermal generate heat.
  • The cooler temperatures in Scotland mean our solar PV systems are more efficient than in warmer climates.
  • If you generate electricity, any power you do not use can be sold back to the grid or stored in batteries. Heat generators can only heat air or water and once it is hot the continuing heat generated is wasted.
  • Of the electricity generators solar PV is silent, the easiest to install, has no moving parts and is the most efficient.
  • Solar PV systems require very little maintenance and have a working life span of at least 40 to 50 years (and counting…). Panels installed in the 1950s are still going strong!
  • Solar PV produces NO greenhouse gases thereby considerably reducing your carbon footprint by 0.6kg per kWh generated.

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solar pvAissac Electrical and Solar have over 13 years’ experience installing solar PV systems in all situations all over Scotland including the Highlands and Islands.  All our systems have been installed to our own rigorous standards which go well beyond national standards and the MCS requirements.  We provide a personal, premium service, and will design a bespoke system for your specific requirements installed properly and safely using quality parts.  For these reasons we will not be the cheapest or the quickest installation but we strive to be the best!

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soalr pv

More recently we have been concentrating our efforts on bringing solar PV systems installed in Scotland by others up to our high standards, or at least to meet current Electrical Regulations and therefore expected safety standards.  As a minimum all installations (including solar PV or any other domestic wiring) should be inspected every ten years to ensure connections and components have not deteriorated over time.

Common Problems:

  • Inverter not working – has your inverter failed?  We can check your inverter and work with the manufacturers to repair or replace it.
  • System underperforming – do you know if your system is performing as well as it should be, i.e. each panel is working correctly?
  • Incorrect switchgear – are you sure correct parts such as the DC isolator have been used?
  • Poorly installed wiring – are cables mechanically protected to regulation/safety standards, and are you sure they do not pose a fire threat?
  • Poor labelling and diagrams – is your system wiring correctly labelled including a full schematic diagram of the system posted next to your inverter as required by the MCS and for safety in the event of fire?
  • Cable entry – is there adequate protection for cables where they pass through the roof to prevent damage to the cables from roof tiles/slates?
  • Leaking roof – are the panel fixings suitably protected to prevent water ingress to your property?

Our Solar PV inspection package can answer all the above questions for you confirming your system is safe, operating correctly and giving you peace of mind.  Please contact us if you would like us to check out your system.

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As an add on to your solar PV, or indeed wind turbine, Aissac Electrical and Solar can install a battery storage system for you to make the most use of the power you generate:

  • Store surplus energy generated by your solar panels or wind turbine
  • Maximise the amount of your generated electricity you use rather than exporting it
  • Use your daytime solar generated electricity when you come home in the evening
  • Use your solar generated electricity when it is dark
  • Use your wind generated electricity when it is calm!
  • Reduce the amount of electricity you need to buy from your supplier

The system we offer from a leading manufacturer is compact but robust and of course high quality.  The batteries come with their own inverter which is installed in addition to the PV (or wind) inverter already installed so there is no need to change your existing system.  The size of the battery storage system is easily expanded to suit the amount of electricity you generate and how you use it.

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