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LED Lighting

Domestic LED Lighting

LED replacement for traditional lamps will offer up to 90% savings in consumption and eliminate maintenance.

LED lights are brighter and more efficient using less electricity than energy saving bulbs,  They also do not have the typical warm up period associated with typical energy saving bulbs – they are instant, bright light!.

In addition to their huge energy saving properties, LED lights have the ability to drastically alter the mood, ambience and atmosphere of your living space through well designed and suitably specified lighting.

The broad range of applications whereby subtle and slick effects can be added has greatly increased as the design of one living space becomes more thoughtful.  Getting luminaires such as colour changing LED specified at the planning stage can greatly enhance the effect and greatly reduce the cost.

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Low Maintenance, low running cost, low heat makes Fibre Optic and LED an ideal form of ambient lighting for any new build or renovation. LED can now challenge traditional lighting in terms of brightness and colour and offer a replacement alternative.

Colour changing effects within the home can create amazing atmospheric effects within your living space.


  • Atmospheric colour changing strip lighting over and under kitchen presses
  • Colour changing and ambient effects within bathrooms, back lit mirrors, floating bath effect
  • Back lighting of glass walls to splash backs, worktops, bathroom walls
  • Garden lighting – change the colour/mood of your garden at the flick of a switch
  • Deck lighting
  • Starfield ceiling effects within a children’s room
  • Stair lighting
  • Sensor activated corridor lighting
  • Cove lighting
  • Effects within cinema rooms, games rooms or play rooms
  • Relaxing colour effects within sauna/ steam rooms

Aissac can assess your property now to see how you would best benefit from updating to LED lights.

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