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EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Units

“The car is charging right now. Working great and a lot quicker than before! Many thanks to both of you for all you have done. We are really delighted with your service and professionalism and will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs a charging point.”

J Henderson, Peterculter    Feb 2019

Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Plug-in Hybrid EVs (PHEVs) are fast becoming a reality for many drivers.  Like it or not we will all be driving some form of electric vehicle in years to come.  In order to fuel the increasing population of EVs, charging points are essential.  Aissac install and can advise on a variety of charging points for your home or workplace.

Here are some important points to remember when installing EV charging points, apart from selecting the best unit for you and your property.  These are essential for the safe installation and operation of your system and although they are regulatory requirements, they are not always considered.

First, prior to installation we must obtain approval from the DNO (Distribution Network Operator) for you to add the EV charging point to your electrical system.  To do this we need to calculate the Maximum Demand for your property.  We can either do this by visiting your property or by asking you to complete a simple form listing your appliances.

Secondly, ALL EV charging systems MUST be earthed to enable safe operation of the system.  In most cases this requires the installation and testing of at least one Earth Rod,  Again, this is a regulatory requirement which is often ignored.

There are Government grants available and as OLEV approved installers we will be able to access these for you.  The EST grants can be accessed directly by you.


EVHS is the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme which provides grant funding of up to 75% (Maximum £350 per charging point from 1st April 2020) towards the cost of installing up to two EV charging points in domestic properties across the UK.

WCS is the Workplace Charging Scheme. This is a voucher-based scheme that provides support towards the up-front costs of the purchase and installation of electric vehicle chargepoints.  From 1st April 2020 this contribution is limited to £350 for each socket up to 75% of the cost for each unit.  Subsequent applications are also permitted up to a total of 20 sockets.

To qualify for either OLEV grant scheme you must provide evidence of the actual or intended purchase or lease of an EV (or two..!).  Details of both these schemes can be found at OLEV .

The Scottish EST offer up to £300 on top of the OLEV EVHS grant.  In order to access this grant you need to apply directly to the EST prior to installation and obtain a grant offer.

The units we can install, we have selected for their green connections to solar PV especially.  These are available  with the OLEV grant and include:

Growatt – Supplied by ProjectEV these units include features such as a compact design with full electrical protection, stability in harsh environments, standard open communication protocols, and Intelligent power adjustment with an emergency stop.

Zappi – a unique British-made intelligent EV charger allowing to use surplus energy from your solar PV or wind turbine to charge your car.  Even if you do not generate your own power a Zappi can be used with the mains supply and who knows – you may want to futureproof your home in case you add PV or wind power in the future!

EO's on Posts

EO  – EO Charging build smart energy technologies in the UK, Electric Vehicle charging points designed for homes, workplaces and destinations. Plus eoHUB is a revolutionary smart energy device – which puts up to 30 chargers online, unlocking EO’s software capabilities and in the near future – solar, battery storage, smart-grid and smart-home integration.

Solo - PAYG - Transparent

POD Point -Since forming in 2009, POD Point  have manufactured and sold over 40,000 charging points.  POD Point Solo’s are designed for installation in either open air or protected environments. The product must be installed by a certified electrician and uses industry-standard mechanical fittings and electrical connections.

There are many other units on the market and we can install all of these if a grant is not available or not required.

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For your information, Greener Scotland connects you to a map indicating all the public EV chargepoints in Scotland