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Economy Radiators

Economy Radiators are easy to use electric radiators with superior heating performance.  The company’s products provide an experience which can be equivalent to, or even better than, a traditional central heating system in the following aspects:

  • Same quality of heat
  • Superior controllability
  • No pipes, no mess, no fuss, no annual maintenance, no costly plumbers

Firstly the accuracy of the thermostat plays a huge part, ensuring the room temperature remains constant, not over or under heated, (as cheaper products sometimes do), and more importantly, energy use is kept to a minimum.

Next, just like an ‘engine management microchip’ in your car, the economy radiator has an ‘optimiser’ which controls the consumption of electricity, ensuring optimal and varied consumption to match exact requirements. Once again this aids maximum comfort, and allows you to control energy consumption.

Economy Radiator ultra-slimline-angledYou have ultimate control. The ability to vary multi-time, multi-temperature with the Economy Electric Radiators is far more sophisticated than any traditional system. At last you can intelligently heat your home, warming each room at a different time and at temperatures to suit. It is far more economical to leave your heating system running 24 hours a day, and programming a four degree reduction in temperature at night or at times when you are not using the rooms, than to constantly switch your heating system on and off. (Although, of course, it’s possible to switch our radiators on and off as required too.)

During early February with outside temperatures ranging from 0˚C at night to 7˚C during the daytime, a 1kw radiator in our showroom is left switched on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the Economy Radiator offices they programme the radiator to heat the showroom to 20 degrees in the daytime and 16 degrees at night. The radiator only uses between four and seven hours of electricity in any 24 hour cycle.

To illustrate what this means for their radiator’s running costs:

Minimum four hours x 0.08p = 32p divided by 24 hours = 1.3p per hour (pay by standing order = 0.67p per hour)
Maximum seven hours x 0.08p = 56p divided by 24 hours = 2p per hour (pay by standing order = 1p per hour)

Running costs are from as little as 1p per hour

Most people pay their energy bills by standing order or direct debit. This spreads the cost of their energy evenly over a 12 month period, although in the UK, we all use most of our energy in the coldest six months of the year.  This means that a 2p per hour running cost during the peak heating season will equate to a real cost of 1p per hour over the full year.

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