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Customer Reviews
Mr Saunders
Solar electricity

Professional, prompt, and tidy installation, with excellent communication at all stages, particularly in relation to paperwork for registration at the end.  They gave me various options based on their experience since the early days of PV, rather than railroading a particular installation.

Solar electricity

Ruth and David were very helpful and efficient and kept in touch with us throughout the process, answering all our queries promptly.  We were given names of previous customers to contact which was helpful. The installation had to be done in two stages (and scaffolding erected twice) because of bad weather and there were no additional costs as a result of this, for which we were most grateful.  I have not answered Q.5 as the system has only been running one month, but it is working well, especially on the occasional sunny day in Skye in February!


This review is more or less a repeat of the original. PV panels installed, May 2011. Everything very satisfactory, including all after-sales contacts with the company. In the past few months (June, 2012 – present) there has been no need for contact, as everything has been very satisfactory.

Derek Mayes
Solar PV

When we began planning the installation of our roof-top PV array, Aissac of Aberdeen came in with the very best illustrated quote, by far, from selected installers.  The company were refreshingly helpful but never over-optimistic with figures, so the project quickly became feasible and very promising overnight.  We went ahead and, after a short but effective survey,  paid a deposit.  Aissac efficiently did the rest and, as first the roof mounting system and then the panels arrived, we began to count down the days to the promised date.  There were no broken promises, nor delays – all the planning went smoothly.  Come April 2010 the Installation Team of two arrived to find the scaffolding in place.  After three days and a few cups of well earned coffee, the non-integrated roof mounted system was commissioned and switched on.  Our best hopes were immediately fulfilled and, within a week, we had generated enough spare electricity to subdue any doubts we may have had at the beginning of the process.  Using a near-neighbour’s six winter-month’s performance calculations and our own daily figures, we  calculated that the Feed-in-Tariff and the guaranteed export rate, would generate well over £1500 a year income, as well as free electricity.  Six weeks later, with no issues to report, the flawless operating system has produced nearly 1000KWh.  There is a 25 year guarantee on the panel performance, a solid guarantee on the structural work and continuing email or phone support from Aissac.  Monthly output figures are sent to Aissac and quarterly figures are returned to our supplier (SSE – Scottish Hydro).  We have no hesitation in recommending the team at AISSAC – support and efficiency is second nature to them.


Solar electricity

Prompt efficient service.  Knowledgeable and helpful advice freely given.  Would definitely recommend this company.

John White
Solar electricity

Excellent service cannot fault the company or staff