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Voltage Optimisation Units

Voltage Optimisation



Voltis Home Unit 300
In the UK, the electricity distribution network operates at a nominal 230V. In practice the voltage is supplied at around 242 volts. Electrical equipment manufacturers produce products that work anywhere between 207 volts and 253 volts to cover all options. Voltage Optimisation Units reduce the incoming voltage to around 220 volts regardless of the incoming supply voltage.

The higher supply voltages waste energy and not only cost money, it also causes appliances to wear out more quickly. This is because appliances deal with the extra voltage by generating extra heat or vibration.

The savings made by limiting your incoming voltage to 220 volts vary with different appliances but are usually up to 12% over the whole house. Many appliances – fridges, freezers, lights, washing machines, tumble driers, dishwashers and televisions for example can provide significant savings. In fact, most appliances are designed to run most efficiently at 220 volts.

Voltage Optimisations Units are suitable for virtually all homes. Our highly qualified electricians will measure the incoming voltage prior to an installation to ensure it is suitable. He will then fit the unit between the ecomaxelectricity meter and consumer unit.

Once installed the unit will start saving money immediately. The unit operates silently and unobtrusively lowering and stabilising household voltage, saving money.

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