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Solar PV

All you need to know about Solar PV systems:

Why Solar PV (Photovoltaics)?



  • Solar Photovoltaics (PV) is the conversion of light into electricity.
  • Only wind turbines, hydroelectric and solar PV generate electricity. All other renewables generate heat.
  • If you generate electricity, any power you do not use is sold back to the grid (see below) or stored in batteries (stand alone systems). Heat generators can only heat air or water and once it is hot the continuing heat generated is wasted.
  • Of the electricity generators solar PV is silent, the easiest to install, has no moving parts and is the most efficient.
  • Solar PV systems do not require any maintenance and have a working life span of at least 40 to 50 years. Panels installed in the 1950s are still going strong!
  • Solar PV produces NO greenhouse gases thereby considerably reducing your carbon footprint by 0.6kg per kWh generated.

A 1kW Solar PV system in the UK should provide at least 750kWh of electricity per year. An average Scottish home uses 4500 kWh per year.

The table below indicates how much of your electricity bill you could save depending on how big a system you install and what your current electrical usage is:

Current Electricity Use (from your bills)1 kW PV System2 kW PV System3 kW PV System4 kW PV System
750 kWh100.0%266.0%400.0%533.0%
1500 kWh50.0%100.0%200.0%266.0%
3000 kWh25.0%50.0%75.0%100.0%
4500 kWh16.0%33.0%50.0%67.0%
6000 kWh12.5%25.0%37.5%50.0%

The supplier can pay a Feed In Tariff (FIT) and an export rate for all PV systems installed based on what they generate.  Solar PV systems currently installed by Aissac do not qualify for the Feed In or Export tariffs.

solar pv

Stand alone solar PV systems are available but require battery banks and therefore add considerable cost to the system maintenance, as well as safety issues. However, Aissac can install such systems where that is the best option.

Why invest in Renewables?

  • Reduce your Carbon footprint
  • Reduce your effect on the planet and climate change.
  • Reduce your reliance on grid supplied power which may be fuelled from gas or oil from abroad with no guarantee of a stable supply.
  • Reduce your fuel bills. Costs are inevitably increasing as fossil fuels eventually run out.
  • Visit the Energy Savings Trust (Scotland) to check if there are any grants available.


Why Aissac Electrical & Solar?

soalr pv

Aissac Electrical & Solar were the First MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) Certificated Solar PV Installers in Scotland (Certificate No. BEN/519).  However, although we are still qualified to install soalr PV systems, we have taken the decision in January 2017 to no longer be accredited through the MCS scheme.

To date we have installed over 176kWp of solar PV in Aberdeen and the north of Scotland – see the photographs.

We provide a personal professional service which is fully tailored to our client’s requirements and may include:

  • A FREE online feasibility study for your property
  • Guidance and advice on preparation including Structural Surveys, Planning requirements and Build Warrant applications
  • A survey of your property to design the most appropriate system depending on budget, available space and your energy requirements, together with and Energy Performance certificate (EPC).
  • System installation service including all electrical work, frame and panel installation including scaffolding. Ground works (if required) are not included.
  • Full system commissioning, including certification required by Build Control and the DNO (to connect to the grid).
  • Two year warranty on all installation work.
  • After-sales assistance in the unlikely event of a system failure. We are Fronius Service Partners and so can maintain your inverter ourselves.
  • For a year after installation we will keep in touch on a monthly basis to ensure the system is functioning to specification. At the end of the first year we will produce graphs of your system’s performance.
  • Ongoing Periodic Inspection Reports (PIR) as required (usually every 10 years) to ensure the continuing operational safety of your system. Note that these inspections are advisable for ALL your domestic wiring!

What is the cost of a PV system?

Aissac can generally supply any accredited solar PV product on the market and so can offer an excellent choice of systems available.

The cost of a 4kWp system fully installed is now from under £6,500

These costs include a free site survey, an EPC, supply of all materials, design, installation including scaffolding, commissioning, electrical certification, and grid connection, two year workmanship warranty and a year monitoring your system, and finally standard manufacturer warranties on panels and inverters.

For more detailed and personalised estimates, please contact us.

What is the potential income from Solar PV?

In April 2010 the Feed-In-Tariffs were introduced by the government to bring us in line with the EU.  The FITs rates have been cut significantly over 2016 and are now only worth around 3p per unit.  For this reason we have decided not to remain members of the MCS and so systems installed by Aissac do not qualify for the FITs.  However, a solar PV system will still generate free electricity and with the new battery storage systems coming in…


Solar PV is always an excellent investment

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