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Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation

Installing Solar PV to generate your own electricity is only one way to reduce your electricity bills. Probably more important is the way we use the energy we generate or even buy from the grid. We need to reduce our consumption individually to reduce our bills but also nationally and internationally to conserve our resources and avoid prohibitive pricing.

If you have already, or are considering installing solar PV, there are now ways that you can use what you generate more efficiently. For example, a Power Router or similar can replace your Inverter enabling you to store some of what you generate for use at night-time or if there is a power cut. There are more inverter/battery units coming on the market now which enable storage of solar PV power to use at night, call us for details.


Power Diverters: use surplus energy to heat your water

An Immersun or SOLiC unit diverts excess power you are generating during the day to your immersion heater or even a storage heater.  In either of these cases you export less electricity as you are using it more efficiently – however, you still are paid the export rate on 50% of what you generate if you do not have an export meter.

Voltage Optimisation Units: Reduce consumption by around 12%

Other ways of reducing the amount of electricity you use can be installed regardless of whether you have solar PV or not. These options include a Voltage Optimisation Unit which regulates the supply voltage coming into your house so reducing your consumption by around 12%.


Economy Radiators: Heat your home for less

You can also install Economy radiators which are highly efficient fully programmable slimline electric radiators which replace your existing gas or oil-fired central heating and can considerably reduce your heating bills if fitted correctly.


Domestic LED Lighting: Significantly Less Energy than Traditional

Lastly lighting costs can be significantly reduced by switching to LED lights. Mostly this is simply a case of exchanging bulbs but for some units it may require a new transformer for certain light fittings. Although the bulbs are more expensive than traditional energy saving bulbs, they will last longer and reduce costs even further over time.

Whichever way you want to reduce your bills, call Aissac now to discuss the best options for you.


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